Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Mango Bay Hotel, Holetown, Barbados Holiday Review by Caroline, W. Midlands


I just wanted to say that the Mango Bay Hotel, Holetown, Barbados, was practically perfect for Amanda, Felicia and my holiday requirements this year - so I thought I would email you to say so!

They changed our room from 3rd floor to ground when they saw me struggling upstairs with my knee (no lift), at no extra charge. And it had 3 separate beds in it, as requested - ready and waiting instead of re vamping when we arrived as in most other hotels. They cheerfully moved these same beds downstairs for us to the new room - perhaps they only had 3 singles in the place? Amanda came to tell me when it was all ready, but said the room was a bit of a squash: she was teasing as it was huge!

Inclusive food and drink was exceptionally good. Mostly waitress service food, good quality and included interesting local stuff. Restaurant looked onto the beautiful clear sea from about 30ft away, and we could easily walk into the sea for swimming and snorkeling. (My knee improved greatly with the swimming - need to return there frequently!!) Local fish and fresh tropical fruits of what was in season, smoothies freshly made throughout the day and really delicious coconut ice cream. Yum yum (I'm told by my neighbours that Sainsbury’s sell it!)

The girls ran a long way every morning, so they tell me, as I didn't see them till breakfast time after their run and swimming a mile or two. They were totally safe, even if only one of them was running - had no probs. One of their favourite routes was across Sandy Lane golf course, where there was a family of green monkeys.

We had a late checkout till 3pm - again at no extra cost. The staff were extremely pleasant and helpful. The Grenadian Manageress came round to chat every couple of days, to check that everything was running smoothly, and gave a drinks party: both good practice of course.

Inclusive activities: we swam with the Turtles, went in glass-bottomed boat and Amanda and Felicia water skiied with me in the boat. My first attempt at jumping into the boat ended with me falling over backwards with a big splash. The skipper didn't laugh at all but just backed the boat round so I could use the ladder: (Don't know why he thought I could jump in backwards like Amanda and Felicia in the first place!).

We also used the hotel's free minibus into Bridgetown and an interesting local bus back.

A fellow guest said that Mango Bay Hotel had been voted best on the island and the owner is head of the Barbados Tourist Board.

Mongooses (mongeese?) played around the sitting areas. And I picked up Frangipani flowers on the way to breakfast every day.

Lovely! A good holiday.

This contrasted sharply with Virgin offering to upgrade our plane seats to 1st Class - for an extra thousand pounds each on the way out......!! Felicia and Amanda insisted on paying 600 pounds for the three of us for a minor upgrade to middle class? because of my knee.

Many thanks

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Monday, 14 December 2009

My Trip To Disneyland Paris - A review by Katie, Birmingham, Aged 8

On 19th November 2009, me, my mom and dad and brother went to Disneyland Paris. And we went in our car, then on an underwater train (Euro Tunnel) and back in our car again. It took 30 minutes to get to France! We stayed in the Hotel Cheyenne. It was done up like a cowboy town and we stayed in Jessie James. We went there on Thursday!

Thursday: We travelled to Paris and it was a very long drive. We arrived at our hotel and we were all glad from the long drive to be there. I loved it when we got there.

Friday: On Friday we went to have breakfast. For breakfast it was a buffet. Then we got on the bus to Disneyland! First we went on a relaxing Steam Boat. Then we went into the Haunted House. Mommy loved it. It was her favourite ride. Especially the poor bride who died before her wedding....
After we went on Thunder Mountain, then Buzz Light Years ride. Then we went to see a 3d film. After we went to have dinner. After to the racing cars. The pedal was stiff. After to the Disneyland Castle. First we went on a Sleeping Beauty ride. Then on the Pinocchio ride and then into an Alice in Wonderland maze.

Next we watched the Disney parade. We saw toy soldiers that shuffled their feet and made a huge racket. Also green army soldiers that made an awful racket too! Also the Lion King. After the fab parade we got on the bus and went back to the hotel and got ready for bed.

On Saturday we went back into Disneyland and it was a lot busier because the children were not at school. First we went in to Disneyland studios and the first ride we went on was some cars. They were really fast but the ride did not last very long though the car ride was called Radiator Springs. After we went on the film studio tour which was fab. Then we went on Thunder Mountain again. But before that we watched Mickey’s Winter Wonderland show which was spectacular. Mickey and Mini were ice skating, there was also Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, 2 chipmunks and a man and a lady all singing and ice skating. Also a horse drawn sleigh and it snowed. Then we had tea (pizza and coke!). After it was 6 o clock and loads of people had left so we went on Radiator Springs again. After we went on Aladdin’s magic carpets. Then we went back to the hotel. It was lovely walking through the park lit up at night. Especially the huge, twinkling Christmas tree. I said, "I don't want to go tomorrow, I love Disney Land".

We had breakfast, packed our stuff and went back to England.

Next Christmas we hope to go again with nanny and granddad and go on Eurostar!

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